Frequently asked questions

TBT App is available for download on App Store and Play Store.

No, the scale is designed to be used on an even, hard and flat surface. Weighing on an uneven surface, such as carpet, will alter the results.

No, the Total Body Tracker is designed to be used with bare feet. This device uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis making the results more accurate. The device has 4 sensors that are conducted through your feet. Weighing with socks on will only calculate weight.

Yes, anytime you use the Total Body Tracker for the first time, replace the batteries or move the location of the Total Body Tracker, a recalibration should be performed for accurate weight reading.
Simply step on the scale for a few seconds, then step off. Wait until the display screen turns off. Repeat process every time the Total Body Tracker is moved or batteries are replaces.

The Bluetooth is the key feature of the Total Body Tracker. By using this feature, the scale can pair and connect to the App automatically.
There are several possible reasons the scale won’t pair with the App on your mobile devices.

  • Your device may not be compatible.
  • Bluetooth is not turned on, on the mobile device.
  • Be sure to download the “Total Body Tracker” App and setup your profile before starting. The Total Body Tracker cannot pair to Bluetooth if the App is not open. Ensure that the App is open when you step on to the Total Body Tracker.
  • Another Bluetooth device may be connected to the iPhone or other mobile device. Bluetooth on the mobile device can only be
    paired to one device at time. Make sure that no other devices are connected when trying to pair with your device.

An inconsistent reading is usually caused by a user error. Some helpful ways to avoid this is to:

  • Make sure the Total Body Tracker is placed on a hard, flat and even surface.
  • Make sure that batteries are charged.
  • Make sure your Total Body Tracker has been re-calibrated
  • Try to weigh yourself at the same time everyday.
  • Not standing straight will shift your weight from the centre of the Total Body Tracker.

If you weigh and the Total Body Tracker App only displays weight and BMI, dry feet may be the reason. Moisture on your feet is needed to be conductive to pick up Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.